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No pills, but nevertheless a concentrated load of substance:
On four instruction leaflets the graphic designer Angie Rattay illustrates how sick our planet is. At the same time she supplies important information for the prevention of further ailments to the Atmo-, Bio, Hydro- as well as Litho- and Pedosphere. The Planet Earth – Directions for Use encourages each one of us to find a way of living with, as opposed to exploiting, our environment.

The multiple award-winning project, designed with the inspiration of medical information leaflets, gives a clearly structured overview to the already obscure flood of advice available for a sustainable life-style. With vivid examples and concrete tips, the ‘Directions for Use’ go far beyond the standard recipes a la recycling and “showers instead of baths”.

The prescribed method for a healthy planet is simply human reason. The dosage lies with us.

> Public Edition: Planet Earth – Directions for Use is a medium for raising awareness about a lifestyle which is compatible with nature and the environment. It is available free of charge for public distribution as is financed through contributions towards productions costs from our distributors, private donations and sponsorship.
> Foreign language editions: The English version, Planet Earth – Directions for use, is already in circulation. Further languages are planned.
> In 2009 a beta-version of the children’s edition was created. Several schools in Austria tested the first edition. A revised edition is planned.
> Special Editions: We welcome orders anytime of individually produced special editions for distribution to your clients, guests or visitors.