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Angie’s idea for an extraordinary diploma project. Planet Earth – Directions for Use. The project continued. A first edition of 10.000 were quickly distributed. Too quickly. So Angie looked for a way to continue funding the project and founded NEONGREEN NETWORK.

Many people who all wanted to make a difference got in touch and Angie started to recognize the hidden power of civil society. With her familiy’s help, she continued to distribute lots of Directions for Use.

The EARTHtalks were launched creating a forum where all these people could meet each other. In September 2008, André, Sasa and Uli helped Angie organize the first event. 3 people spoke, 130 came, listened and networked.

A children’s edition of Planet Earth – Directions for Use was created, Adam joined the team and the second EARTHtalks event was held in the Museum of Natural History. 270 people attended. Many more Directions for Use were distributed.

We have been hosting EARTHtalks every since. Over 700 people attend every year. Thousands more watch via live stream. In the next years we intend to bring the EARTHtalks to other countries. Over 120.000 boxes have been distributed. Watch this space…