21st April 2022
Museumsquartier, Vienna

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... is an association that networks NGOs, companies, public institutions and the interested public, creates awareness for eco-social issues and motivates people to face the pressing problems of our time. Change tomorrow today!

The charity NEONGREEN NETWORK (Networking & Communication of Eco-Social Initiatives), which was founded by the Viennese graphic designer Angie Rattay in 2008, focuses on the "design of change“ and positive, solution-based communication.

Our focal point is "design" in the widest sense of the word. The concept, "design" is generally associated with the shaping of products or graphic depiction. We are focused on the INTELLIGENT DESIGN OF OUR WHOLE LIVES, the society and systems which surround us. Angie says „Our life-style needs a re-design, and as such an incorporation into the ecological life-cycles of our planet.“ (as we are not part of these life cycles anymore)

Just as the Leonardo Davinci of our time, Buckminster Fuller, said: "The best way to predict the future is to design it." Neongreen believes in the power of inspiration. If you inspire people, you can make them listen, if they listen to facts, you can make them act. If every single one of us inspired just 5 more people, we could build a gigantic critical mass. 

Inspiration + Information = Action

Our mission is:
> to enhance public awareness for natural and environmental protection through the promotion of extraordinary design projects (Planet Earth – Directions for Use),
> to organize public events (EARTHtalks / EARTHball),
> to establish networks which bring people and ideas together
> to facilitate change that is powered by the will and strength of people (Bottom-up)
> to appeal to the power and responsibilty of everyone!

The Austrian graphic designer, Angie Rattay, who has won numerous accolades and awards and already worked for the New York-based Sagmeister Inc., began her eco-social project Planet Earth - Direcions for Use in 2007, and has since achieved considerable media attention. Confirmed in her sense for innovative problem-solving methods, she also founded the ecologically orientated graphic design office "Angieneering" in March 2008 for clients with concerns about natural and environmental protection issues.